These are some of the MAIN Names you will see throughout the Site

ESTHER AHN                      L.A  City Planner Assigned To The Fallbrook Point Project
                                                       Case #: ENV-2021-10328-MND

KEVIN STALEY                   Owner Staley Point Capital
                                                       a.k.a.  Developer & Builder

BRAD ROSENHEIM           Rosenheim & Associates
                                                       Builder’s Representative & Lobbyist

HEATHER  WALDSTEIN   Rosenheim & Associates
                                                      Previous Consultant for Builder
                                                      No Longer Involved On Project

BRADY McSHANE            Builder’s Lawyer For Project

CHAR ROTHSTEIN           President West Hills Neighborhood Council WHNC
                                                      Co-Chairperson Zoning Committee

BILL ROSE                         WHNC Board Member
                                                     Co-Chairperson WHNC Zoning Committee

         NICOLE                              Concerned Neighbor in the WHNC Zoom Meetings