First, we’d like to thank YOU the board for this opportunity to speak.

We are here tonight acting as 1 Voice comprising 100 plus neighbors of the community to ask that today’s vote on the Fallbrook Point Project be halted until such time that we all as effected neighbors are allowed to fairly educate ourselves about what is truly occurring.

It has only been 3-4 weeks since this proposed project has come to the attention of our community. Although the project has been in the works for quite awhile, Covid as has created a situation where ZOOM meetings are mandatory, thus limiting the public’s line of communication with this board.

However, it has become apparent that the builder was attempting to negotiate with only 1 or 2 concerned citizens during prior board ZOOM meetings.

The builder & his reps were asked more than once in earlier meetings by this committee to send out communication to the local homeowners.

They chose not to and seem to be rushing this board to decide NOW.

Eventually those concerned citizens realized the builder never did… nor ever was going to advise the community of their plans

Therefore, they took it upon themselves in May 2022 to alert the local neighbors door by door. Thanks to Nicole, Bonnie, and all those who helped distribute that first round of flyers & spread the word mid May.

We realize it is not the board’s responsibility to alert the neighbors.

However, had the builder done what was requested by this board months ago, the public would have had sufficient time to review & understand his proposal.

The builder’s avoidance to communicate with our community seems like a big red flag.

Here’s our group less than month invested & have already collected 17 pages of petition signatures, hearing from hundreds of others concerned homeowners and collected a long list of e-mail addresses. We are rapidly mobilizing.

We’ve recently held 2 neighborhood meetings, one Saturday June 11, 2022 and another Monday June 13, 2022, where almost all in attendance were unaware of this project and are demanding the facts be made available for all to review. Our list of concerned neighbors is growing daily.

So thus, the main issue is that nothing has been published formally in one central location about the proposed plans, documents, communications etc.

There are dozens of documents comprising hundreds of pages that should be made available for the local residents to study & raise their own concerns.

Therefore we ask that this board publish ALL documents regarding this project on the front page of the West Hills Neighborhood Council’s website.

This should also include the studies of the environmental impact to the neighborhood, including pollution, noise and traffic.

Has there been any positive impact study for the community if this project is built?

Has there been a study done about the impact to the value of our homes local to the project?

There are so many other questions that also need to be answered.

At this point, some people have a document or 2, however as the board knows, this is exactly what leads to “the spread of misinformation” and will only cause chaos.

Once we get that transparency published on the Council site, only then can we as a community begin to understand what is really going to happen in our own backyards.

This is a large project and we as neighbors deserve the opportunity to be involved.

The project’s entire impact… before, during & after goes way beyond any 500 foot radius.

So we are asking to defer our future comments concerns, & suggestions until sufficient time is given to all interested stakeholders to review and digest all the facts.

It may be time for the builder to listen & attempt to work with us, rather than forcing us to listen & work for them.

Thank you to the board for this time.