Viewing these prior West Hills Neighborhood Council Meetings will help explain the proposed project.

For all ZOOM meetings, there is a small “Speed” button located in the
lower right hand corner of  the screen.  You can speed up the audio.
In addition you can look for the desired section on the audio transcript and simply click on that portion and the video will take you to that point.

August 9, 2022 WHNC Zoning Meeting  Listening time 1:27.10  to 2:10.00

Minutes to follow

June 14, 2022 WHNC Zoning Meeting  Listening time 31:43  to 1:06:00

May 10, 2022 WHNC Zoning meeting   Listening time 6:46 to 1:20:30

April 12, 2022 WHNC Zoning Meeting  Listening time 15:28 to 42:55

April 7, 2022 BOARD meeting  Listening time 54:09 to 1:46:46

The Motion is approved

March 8, 2022 WHNC Zoning meeting  Listening time 7:04 to 1:23:08–W5-3iBM.YZqC6Bz-Uq7HQQ1x?autoplay=true&startTime=1646793090000

Feb. 8, 2022 WHNC Zoning Meeting  listening time 57:15 to 1:54:06

Nov. 9, 2021 Zoning meeting  Listening time  18:20 to 1:25:54